Infiltration and Inflow Program

In 2013, the Charles River Pollution Control District conducted an Infiltration and Inflow Study to identify areas of the District’s interceptors that would need further investigation and repair. The study modeled flow through the interceptors, groundwater elevations and rainfall data during the spring and summer months (wet and dry periods).

In 2015, a manhole inspection program was performed on 35 manholes along the Charles River Interceptor and six manholes along the Shepards Brook interceptor. Based on the results of the manhole inspection program, it was recommended that 32 manholes be rehabilitated.

In 2016, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and multi-sensor (MSI) inspections were performed for the Charles River Interceptor subsystem, which included about 11,000 feet of the Charles River Interceptor and about 2,000 feet of the Shepards Brook Interceptor. Three sewer reaches had visible infiltration and it was recommended that five joints be sealed.

In 2017 and 2018, the District plans to perform the rehabilitation of the 32 manholes and seal the five joints in the Charles River Interceptor subarea.